SWAMPE’s documentation

SWAMPE is a 2D shallow-water general circulation model designed for simulating exoplanet atmospheres. SWAMPE is a fully in Python implementation of a spectral algorithm described in Hack and Jakob (1992) and previously available only in Fortran.

SWAMPE’s features currently include:

  • Exoplanet atmosphere simulations that can be run on your laptop.

  • Tuned for synchronously rotating hot Jupiters and sub-Neptunes.

  • Can be easily adapted to model a variety of substellar objects.

This public release contains tutorials for running atmospheric simulations, working with SWAMPE output, and plotting.

SWAMPE is available under the BSD 3-Clause License.

Example geopotential and wind gif generated with SWAMPE


To report a bug or request a new feature, please open a new issue.

If you would like to get more actively involved in SWAMPE development, you are invited to get in touch ek672-at-cornell-dot-edu, and I will be happy to help you understand the codebase as you work on your contribution.

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